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    How much does ebay take out for fees?

    If i were to sell something for $200, and $10 shipping. What would i actually get? And how much would i owe in ebay fees?
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    $210 is the total. 8% of that is your seller fee. When you get paid, you pay 3% of the payment total in Paypal. That is about 11% off your total for fees. 210. x .11 = 23.10 210 - 23.10 = 186.90
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    • eBay charges a final value fee plus listing fees. Listing fees are usually $1 or less, but can go as high as about $8-9 depending on how elaborate your listing is. Final value fee is based on the selling price and can be as high as 10%. Usually around 7%, so if you sell something for $200, you should actually get around $180 + or - a couple dollars. eBay does not charge anything on shipping price. If you use PayPal, they charge 3% of the total price including shipping.

      by wvparanormal - a day ago

    • Hi. Ebay's final value fees range anywhere from 6 percent to 13 percent, with most categories being in the 7 percent range. So, just consider 7 percent is what you are most likely going to be charged by eBay to sell on their site. Also, Paypal charges about 3 percent to process the transaction for you. So your total is going to be about 10 percent of your total sales price plus shipping. Based on what you just mentioned, Your $200 plus $10 for shipping ($210.00 total), your total fees will be about $21.00. I have sold on eBay for a longggggggggg time as a professional seller and there is another site that I am on now that the fees are quite a bit lower than eBay's plus you can use Google Checkout as a payment processor. Google Checkout charges you about 2 percent on the transaction and the site Slooba.com charges you between 2 percent and 5 percent to sell the item, so you are saving all the way around. I have been very happy with Slooba. Also, you could try selling it on Craigslist in your area and deal in cash, but if you are out in the middle of nowhere, Craigslist isn't that useful. Also, Craigslist is a step up from a garage sale, so unless you put on a Craigslist listing that the "price is firm", you will have people offering you a lot less than what you are asking for. That's why I say it's a step up from a garage sale.........you have to deal with the haggling if they don't see anything on there about the price being "firm". Hope you're having a great weekend and good luck!

      by DirectMerch - a day ago

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