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    How much will it cost to open up a candy store?

    Hello, i want to open up a candy store on towns square in las vegas nv. How much will it cost to open it up? How much will monthly candy supples and rent cost ?? Thanks! (:: P.s. I am 18 yrs old with no business experience.
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    Most small businesses with one location can cost several hundred thousand dollars to begin. If you are serious about owning your own business you need to get some business education before plunging in. You need to do a lot of research, even the process of getting all the appropriate permits from the city and the health department can take months and months to complete. There are many rules and regulations you have to follow when opening business where you are selling food items to the public. Take some business prep courses in college, take a course in setting up a business plan, which will have to be presented to the city, the board of selectmen and the planning board. You have to work hard to attain any goal you set for yourself. Good luck in the future and Happy Thanksgiving.
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    • It will probably cost you every penny that you've saved and can borrow. And with no business experience, you'll probably lose it all. The rent will depend on the square footage of the store, and the supplies will vary according to how much you want to stock.

      by Lynn Bodoni - 23 minutes ago

    • Probably should shop for the supplies and see how much it is then rent cost will depend on seller!

      by Rmadaire - 23 minutes ago

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