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    How old do you have to be to sell something to a pawn shop?

    I need money fast because I sold my ps3 without my parents knowing because I figured I wouldn't use it and I wanted to buy a car since I just got my license and I bought a old 1985 dodge charger for 300 bucks which broke down in a week and it was parked down the road(because my parents didnt know I have a car) and sonce I couldnt drive it I didnt keep it registered after the first month plates ran out and it got towed away because it must have been reported abandoned or something by some a hole so now I have no car no ps3 and im out more than 300 bucks and I quit my job at mc ***** now I can't get one anywhere else but I need to replace my ps3 b4 my parents find out i sold it without telling them(it was with their money and they use it too) so can I just go and pawn some random stuff and buy a ps3? Im 16 or do you have to be 18 to pawn?
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    yes you need to be 18 to sell things at a pawn shop, and u need ID to Prove it instead of trying to hide the fact that you did it, own upto your parents, a bit of yelling and being grounded for a week is nothing
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