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    I sent a customer a package, tracking says it was delivered, but they never received it.?

    I sold something on my eCommerce website to a customer and shipped it out via USPS Priority Mail like I always do. The package only went a couple hundred miles south of me. Anyways, the customer emailed me back a week after the tracking showed it was delivered and tells me they still haven't received it. I opened up a case with USPS to investigate the matter but that hasn't led to anything. I contacted their local post office where the package went through and they said the currier delivered it and left it by the door of the customer in their apt building. So now its been 2 weeks since the package was "delivered" and its clear that either the package was stolen or the customer is lying (which i dont think is the case). So I sold a $220 product and now its vanished.. As a believer in good customer service, and at the same time being a very small one man business, I am not sure what to do.. I could refund the money and forget the sale (and lose my $220 product), I can re-send them another item (and lose my $220 product), or tell them tough luck its not my responsibility since the package was delivered (and keep $220). Any suggestions?
    2 years ago 4 Answers

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    Do not refund your customer at this point. Instead, if your customer claims that he did not receive the parcel, simply file a claim with USPS to that effect, and let them determine if indeed the parcel was in fact lost, or perhaps delivered to someone else in error. If this was the case, the USPS will compensate you accordingly for the loss, which in turn you can use to refund your customer. If the USPS does however determine that the parcel was in fact delivered to the person to whom it was addressed, and he or she is simply trying to defraud you, that person can be charged with mail fraud...a very serious offense. Good luck!
    4 years ago

    Other Answers

    • You mailed the product, you (I assume) safely packaged the product, and the transit company has confirmed that the product was indeed delivered to the correct address. That is where your responsibility ends. The customer is responsible for providing you with an address where the package can be safely delivered. If there is a theft issue in their area, then they either need to instruct the post office to hold packages for pickup (they'll get a slip in their mail letting them know a package is available for pickup) or they need to pay for a post office box. YOU are not responsible for safeguarding their package until they get home. Having spent the last 10 years shipping mail order/online packages, I have had several customers who claimed that their package did not arrive after the tracking showed it delivered. In nearly every case the package was tucked in a pile of mail, slipped behind a sofa, or (most frequently) set aside by a well meaning household member. In other words, it was already IN their house when they contacted me. Although nearly every one of them denied this would be the case when I made the suggestion to check these possibilities, they generally either contacted me back to let me know they are sorry and they found it or they don't contact me at all anymore, which implies the same thing. Very very few contact me again saying those suggestions were a bust. So, in my experience, your customer likely already has the package and may not even know it, or it was stolen. Neither are your responsibility. I've had a few customers file payment disputes, but I have never once lost a dispute where the tracking info shows the package as delivered. "Dear {customer,} I have investigated the matter of your missing package and have been able to confirm with the United States Postal Service that your package was indeed delivered to the address you provide {enter address here} on {enter date and time from tracking info.} In cases like this what has normally occurred is that a household member has set the package aside for you. It is also possible that the packaged got mixed up in other mail or fell behind a piece of furniture shortly after being brought in. Most likely the package will be easily found by looking in the usual places in the home and notifying family members. If these suggestions fail to turn up your package, and you feel that your package was stolen from your property, you are going to need to contact your local police department to file a theft report. I would also suggest filing a theft report with your local post office, as theft of a postal delivery is a federal offense. I hope this information assists you, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!" Feel free to use my quote verbatim if it suits your purposes. Have a blessed day!

      by thewitchescupboard - 8 hours ago

    • The company I work for always refunds the customer for items lost in shipping. Its all about good customer service. And helping out the customer

      by Katherine - 8 hours ago

    • This is why you use Signature Confirmation or insurance, both of which cost about the same, and can be passed along to the buyer to pay. If it's insured, even if it was delivered, a claim can be filed for theft or loss. When signature is required, there is no 'I never got it!'. I wouldn't want to eat $220, but if I was the buyer, I'd come after you, through my credit card company, unless you made it clear that insurance was an option that I could decline at my risk. Otherwise, I would assume that insurance was included, and I wouldn't care what some computer tracking said about delivery. eBay sales using Paypal puts the onus for insuring on the seller.

      by curtisports2 - 8 hours ago

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