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    Where can I advertise for 'Doing Business As' or Fictitious name in Alameda county, CA?

    According to http://www.acgov.org/auditor/clerk/fbnforms.htm, (as per the notice on the form), "within 30 days after the fictitious business name statement has been filed with the county clerk, the statement must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the statement was filed. The newspaper selected should be one that circulates in the area where the business is to be conducted. The statement must be published once a week for four successive weeks with five days between each date of publication. An affidavit of publication must be filed with the county clerk within 30 days after the completion of the publication. (Sec. 17917 B&P Code, Sec. 6064 Gov. Code.)" What is an easy and cheap option to publish the DBA in Alameda county, California? Which newspaper would do this in Dublin area? Also, how do I finally file the affidavit?
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    You would publish the notice in the county in which you file for the fictitious business name. If you file in Santa Clara County it could publish in the San Jose Mercury News, below is the information for the Mercury News. If you file in Alameda County call 510 723-2850 or email legalads@bayareanewsgroup.com for further information. Total cost to publish a fictitious business name in the San Jose Mercury News is $65.00. The notice publishes once a week for 4 weeks. Please submit a copy of the stamped-certified form you filled out for the Santa Clara County Clerk-Recorders' Office. Scan and email to legals@mercurynews.com or fax to 408 920-1805 Include your phone number in all correspondence. Allow 3 business days to process for publication. Prepayment is required. Payment may be made by credit card. After the publication is completed proof of publication is mailed to you and to the Clerk-Recorders' Office
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    • Many filings appear in the East Bay Express. You might check their rates first. Any local paper that accepts these ads is fine. After you complete all the steps you take it to: Alameda County Clerk-Recorder 1106 Madison Street, First Floor Oakland, CA 94607

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