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    Is Amway good or bad?

    Hi all, I met this guy somewhere on my journey to the US and we happened to exchange numbers and emails. This guy gave me a call and said that there was some business bullshit meeting in Boston where I attended the event with him.He didnt tell me it was about Amway. I feel that amway is just another load of crap and I couldnt stop laughing at the people who acted crazy there like it was a Boston Red Sox game. My point is, Have someone heard about Amway? Is it worth trying it or just a waste of time networking people and kissing their asses?
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    YES, I knwo PLENTY about amway and 99% of those involved make NO money, it is a scam\, period, RUN don;t walk away!!!! it;s not called scamway for nothing
    a few seconds ago

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    • well I am not AMWAY distributor but I use their health products which have given me good results and I know many people who got successful with AMWAY proposal and got millionaires and few of them were from lower middle class and some of them were were already very successful in life like they were NASA scientist and doctors and Noble prize nomine professor of medicine and truck driver and teacher and football stitcher and engineer and MBA etc and for some AMWAY been a bad experience becuase of unlnown reasons and if you think AMWAY people are suckers then do not ever think of it and if you want to try it then also do not think of it as you will not be able to do it and if you determined to be AMWAY guy then go for it despite odds andevens

      by Pawan Bhalla - 5 hours ago

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