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    How can I market my AVON business to get more customers and members?

    You cant use the avon name in your marketing as an Avon independent sales representative, I like selling the stuff and getting new people in on the opportunity but I cant do normal marketing because only the head company can use their name online and I need more online customers! Running around delivering in person when delivery is free is silly but how can I get folks to my website or to any of my little biz websites? Any marketing guru's out there especially web marketing will be appreciated. I see books but everyone points to google and yahoo and etc but those costs money and I do not have a marketing budget .... need gorilla marketing help
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    Can you use business cards? I sell Mary Kay and they give us approved marketing strategies. Unfortunately these are not given at Avon. My friend sell Mark (your teenage counterpart) and she opened a Mark store on Facebook. I'm sure you could do this as well because it IS the same company. :-) Hope this helped!
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    • Not sure if this meets the guidelines in your company, but one of the best ways to market your avon business is on youtube. There are 880 searches each month in google for "how to become an avon representative". There are 880 searches for "avon supershock mascara". These are people who are actively looking to get involved with Avon and who are actively looking for an avon product. So, what you want to do is do youtube videos using those words in your title and using that phrase in the tags of your youtube videos. This will help those people find your video and now you will have people who are interested in the opportunity coming to you instead of you searching for them. I have some more tips on how to market avon online but I think this is one of the easiest and most powerful ways and it is FREE! Gotta love FREE! I hope this was helpful.

      by Angela Carter - 8 hours ago

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