how long is 3-5 business days?

i ordered 2 books online at on thurs at 11 pm. my order was over 50 dollars so i was able to get free shipping...expedited shipping which takes 3-5 business days to be delivered. umm how long will it take for the books to arrive? i'm also planning on ordering another book on saturday. if i pick priority shipping (2 business days) how long will the book arrive? thanks in advance
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Business days are Monday - Friday. If you order something on Friday that takes 3 - 5 business days you won't get it until at least Wednesday because the weekend days don't count. It also depends on what time you placed your order. Most places have a cut-off time for shipping the day the item was ordered. Usually it's around 3 pm. If ordered before that time it will ship that day so that's one day down. If ordered after the cut-off time, it won't be shipped until the next business day. Same with priority shipping. While it takes 2 business days, if you order it on Friday before the cut-off time it will arrive on Monday. If after the cut-off time, it will arrive on Tuesday. Of course all that depends on weather conditions, too. If there's a crippling snow storm, for example, than the delay could be several extra days. Hope that helps.


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About 4 hrs

by Ab Cd - 3 years ago

Business days are Monday through Friday. So, if you ordered it on Thursday you'd get it on Tuesday through Thursday. (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday would be three business days.)

by Ellen J - 3 years ago

3-5 business days is 3 to 5 days in the M-F block of days. Weekends don't count as business days for that purpose.

by Simon R - 3 years ago

business days are week days. so if you ordered it monday you'd get it wednesday, but if you ordered it friday it should show up on tuesday because days of the week-end aren't counted as business days. does that makes sense?


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