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    Is Spreadshirt.com a Scam or ripping people off?

    My mother sells shirts on Spreadshirt.com And 1 time it said she sold 24 shirts and had $196.10 in commission then the next day it said only 14 shirts were sold....and went down to $92.10 THE next day and now it has went down to 14 shirts sold but only counting 7 orders and it is now only $71.90 commission......which makes no sense at all HOW did it go from $196, and 24 shirts sold to $71.90, and only 14 shirts sold but saying its only 7 orders...? We called, and they said it was a "Glitch"...Whyyyyyyyy would there be a glitch giving us MORE MONEY....then glitching again for another amount then glitching againnnnn for the normal amount...? IF ANYONE HAS DONE BUSINESS WITH SPREADSHIRT PLEASE CONTACT ME AT RAYMOFUWK@GMAIL.COM PLEASE
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    Hi Ray, Thank you for your question! First of all, I can promise you, that Spreadshirt wouldn't cheat on you. We love the way our partners make their Users happy and therefore these partners deserve the commissions paid. But nobody is perfect and we made some mistakes with the display of orders in our statistics. An order is going trough several stages from the time the customer ordered to the moment you get your commission. Stages like "customer paid", "we are producing the shirt", "we sent out the shirt" are some of them. Accidentally our system did not always update the entry for each of these stages but instead sometimes created a new entry for each stage. This means that f.e. an order with 3 shirts did show up as three orders with 9 shirts. Of course this needed to be corrected and is the reason why the sold shirts and the commission went down. If you have any other questions about this problem or Spreadshirt in general, please call our customer service or go to http://forum.spreadshirt.com. Best, Robert Schulz Product Management | Spreadshirt
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