When you sell on ebay does the winning bid include the postage costs or does buyer have to pay extra?

I am still not sure whether I as the seller pay the postage or the buyer does (I displayed the postage costs separately but the buyer has only paid the winning bid).

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It includes whatever you decide it should include. You do this by assigning the shipping cost when you are creating the item for listing. Ebay makes you put a shipping price in there (either free or otherwise). Usually just put what it costs to ship it as the shipping cost. A higher shipping price reduces the final value fees ebay will charge you though.


3 years ago

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You have to pay postage costs on top of the winning bid.

by ? - 3 years ago

Hi Ralph.
It is up to you! When you set up, you get the option to include postage or to display it separately.
I always have it separate, as do most eBay sellers - and postage is always enough to cover the post, envelope, and a small profit! Most sellers do this, means the bid price is pure profit.
Cheers, Steve.

by Steve J - 3 years ago