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    I want to start a home based baking business in MD, what are the requirements?

    I'm a stay at home Mom and really want to start a home based baking business, I have previously worked in the catering business and loved it, plus I love to bake. What are the MD requirements for licensure, insurance, health permits etc. Plus, what are their costs, anyone with experience in this field please give me any other advice, thank you!
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    Hello Jessica, I am a former home-based baker from North Carolina, one of the most popular home-based baking states with a superior "cottage food law." Unfortunately the state of Maryland does not allow home-based baking; you must use a licensed commercial kitchen facility. There are a couple such kitchen facilities in your area.(See below) If you are interested in learning more please email or stop by HomeBasedBaking.com a membership website dedicated to helping small food processors and home bakers. The information is invaluable and they even help you address the need for a cottage food law in your state via legislative means. Take a peak at the site when you have time: http://homebasedbaking.com Use the contact link to message and speak with the staff they will be most helpful! Good luck! Just so you know there are thousands of home-based bakers across the US, Canada (Toronto), Mexico, Puerto Rico, and throughout the UK; home-based baking and home food processing is not new, just more attention is being brought to the industry due to increasing job-loss. Maryland/DC An Affair To Remember LLC 5020 Nicholson Court North Bethesda, Maryland 20895 301-467-1131 llongshore@4agrandevent.com Honey Biscuits, Inc. 6901 Security Blvd. Baltimore, Maryland 21244 410-944-2124 info@honey-biscuits.com
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    • City for business license, country for health dept inspection, your insurance co for info on business insurance, your bank for info on what they need to start a business account, a small business class at a local community college, invoicing software labeling, packaging, advertising,, retail certificate from the franchise tax board (the state), etc. start with health dept because of they refuse you, the rest is a moot point.

      by Diane A - a day ago

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