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    What are some good local places to hang up flyers?

    My friend and I recently made some really really good babysitting flyers and we were wondering if anyone knew where some good places were where there are lots of kids... we really want this job and lots of kids and parents to be interested? HELP!!!!
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    The library, the post office, convenience stores, grocery stores... always ask permission first though!
    a few seconds ago

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    • Hey good for you and your friend. I would try The mall. Most have a play area. Instead of pinning them up just walk up to Mom's and say. "Hi, we wanted to introduce ourselves I'm ______ and this is _____ if you ever need a night out or a break from the kids, here is one of our fliers." If you want to post the fliers go to laundry mats, apartment complex (Ask Manager 1st) Parks have bulletin boards, The grocery store, hair salon, nail salon, cub scout meetings, girl scout meetings, church. Hope that helps. Good luck.

      by ? - 17 hours ago

    • Go to local parks, playgrounds and hand them out. www.joannalabellabaskets.com

      by Joanna - 17 hours ago

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