Where can I buy clothes for my business at wholesale prices?

I am looking to start up my own market stall in about a year. I need to get a lot of info on where I can buy clothes for teenagers (12-16) Young children (5-11) toddlers and babies (0-5)
I live in Cyprus and I would like to buy clothes that are a good quality.
Thanks in advance.

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These guys supply to loads of ebay and market stalls, they've got loads of good brands and always good quality.


4 years ago

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by Nicole - 4 years ago

You can go to this website first ,

There are some clear categories of every kinds of suppliers and a searching bar ,you can enter the product and the area then you can get a list of suppliers in your area.You can also go to some similar type websites ,toptenwholesale ,kijiji .

And I can offer you several clothing wholesale websites I often go to

Hope you will make a successful business


by Whisper In The Dark - 4 years ago

Well, I will suggest you to get as much information about clothes as you can before starting your business and also search on web. Some of the best sites for getting online info about clothes are amazon, eSources, alibaba and also some more sites on wholesale products like and for getting the info about hottest trends of clothing in rest of the world.

by Susana - 4 years ago