my boss wont pay me overtime, can she do that?

i work at an in home day care and my boss always has trouble paying me, she always pays me in parts which is very frustrating. shes always complaining about how she doesn have any movey. last month i worked about 30 hr overtime and shes says she cant afford to me this. what do i do? can she do that or by law does she have to pay me overtime. she got mad when i mentioned it to her too.

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Is there any documentation that you did work those hours? Witnesses and such?

Is the day care actually LEGAL? (licensed and stuff?)

If she's operating illegally, she ain't gonna care about paying you overtime. She already broke a law, why not another few?

However, contact "Legal Aid Society" in your area. They go after bosses who short-change workers like your boss did to you.

4 years ago

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depends on how you are salaried.

if she can't pay you, find a new job.

by ladystang - 4 years ago

tell er you have to leave after 8 hrs each day then -no sense working for nothing

by Doctor Deth - 4 years ago

In a job like you desribe, you aren't likely to be exempt from OT pay unless you are in management. . She must pay you for all hours you work, and pay time and a half for hours over 40 in a week. She can just not allow you to work OT.

by Judy - 4 years ago

Your state's Department of Labor can help you with wage and hour issues, such as overtime.

by Molly - 4 years ago