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    What happens if you dont pay for an item you bought on ebay?

    I am 14 and I owe this dude like 30$ what will happen if I dont pay????
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    25 Sep 2008 ... Whenever you see an item on eBay that interests you, you are strongly encouraged to ... What Happens if you are the Winning Bidder but you don't pay? ... I bought this book at an eBay University seminar and believe me,
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    • i think you get an unpaid buyer strike, or like you get suspended from it. I don't think the guy you owe money to will have sent the thing out yet (unless he has - has he?) If he hasn't it is kind of bad but it's not as bad as like him sending it and you not paying for it. Lol, you should pay him. :)

      by Top Hat - 13 hours ago

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