Can I pay my cam girls with Paypal from my personal account?

I know Paypal doesn't allow payments to adult affiliates, but if I run an adult cam chat studio as a sole proprietorship, is there a way around this rule? Would it be legal and not a violation of Paypal's TOS for me to pay my girls (they are all independent contractors) from my personal Paypal account, or am I required to pay via my business account?

I should probably contact Paypal with this question, but thanks in advance for your answers, anyway!

4 years ago - 2 answers

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anyone receiving money thru Paypal loses some of that money to fees - I doubt they are going to want to lose 4-6% of th money you owe them - you should have a business checking acct set up since you are running a business -

I wouldn't do anything thru Paypal that might make you totally LOSE your Paypal acct forever

4 years ago

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Yes of course you can, you're not doing anything illegal. As long as the recipient(s) themself(ves) have PayPal.

by Say Hello to my Little Friend - 4 years ago