How do discount/coupon web sites make money?

I was wondering how a web site, that offers coupons and discounts on behalf of another business (say a local retailer) make money? Would I charge the retailer an advertising fee to promote their discounts and special offers? Thanks.

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Couple of ways. One is many of the coupons have codes that link back to the site's owner. The "click here" for coupon transmits the coupon site information to the vendor.

An other way is to use the coupons/discount to get you to look at the page. Show you other Ads (like Google AdSense), they get paid when you click.

Yet another way, is to get you to look at the site. Then try to sell you something directly.

Yet another way, get you to the site, have you register for personal coupons and sell you as a lead. That can be done without emailing you by placing special offers on you login page.

Of course all these methods CAN BE COMBINED to make even more money.

There are many ways to skin a cat. Somtimes, it helps to ask your self the qustion: Ok this is where I am, NOW WHAT can I do to make it better. DO IT than ASK AGAIN!


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they work together with the online website. whenever someone click it, its like a referral program or ad sense. so, whenever someone using that coupon the online shopping knows its this one websites.

let says, I have discount coupon websites with LOVE code, the love code is only me using. the online shopping give the other company different code.

whenever someone shopping using those code, the discount coupon website receive an email saying someone has just purchase this this this.


by Anteos - 5 years ago

Coupon codes are listed on sites that provide links to the sites to which the coupon code relates. If you use that link to go to the site, and buy something, the site gets a percentage.

Printable coupons are more difficult. You would need to have advertising on the site for other products, and hope people clicked and bought - or if it was Adsense ads, you would get a few pennies for any ad clicked on. To make a good living on a site like this, you would need enormous amounts of traffic.

by tiggsy - 5 years ago

The most common way to make money by the Coupons and Discount website is to sign up for the Affiliate Programs of the Mega Stores like and others. More also they join Affiliate networks such as which has thousands of stores ready to make you an affiliate and you start getting discount coupons, and other deals from these stores to display on your website.

Our website does the same, we get commission on making sales, and we offer our website members and visitors discounts and we also share a part of our the commission we earn with the shoppers. Thats called CashBack! .


by Vital Marts - 5 months ago