Nextiva v s. Jive...which voip service is better for business?

I am relocating my business to my home and want to use VOIP. I have gotten quotes from several companies and all seem comparable. I am wondering which of these two has better call quality and reliability, as I am on the phones all day long and they are crucial. I have tried Vonage in the past and was very disappointed with the quality for business use. Thanks!
its The most important thing to me is call echoes, no lag...thats what i had with vonage.

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I've tested both, along with over a dozen other VOIP solutions out there. I would select Jive based on both quality and custmer service, but only by a little. I'd say you picked the top 2 to compare and wouldn't really go wrong with either. You might want to look for authorized resellers in your area. The cost is the same and then you would have a local technical resource to rely on when needed. I believe both have agent programs.


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Jive ..................................better navigation applications.

by MY PDA - 5 years ago

I'd say that for the price - nextiva is a great deal. It was easy to setup and my experience has been smooth. I have been happy.
Never heard of jive. Is it


by Pinhala@Yahoo - 5 years ago

Good move leaving Vonage. My time was them was horrible, I left them after three weeks. Having used Nextiva, Jive, and Packet 8, for a home office/small business, I would recommend Nextiva. Nextiva's pricing is better and that don't tack on extra fees for setup, usage, phone configuration, etc. - like Jive does. The quality of networks seem to be good with both companies. What got me to keep the service with Nextiva and not Jive or Packet 8 was ultimately their customer service. Super nice people and they know what they are doing. Plus it doesn't seem like they outsource. I favor Nextiva's flat rate pricing and would recommend them for your business.


by JJohns - 5 years ago