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    can ebay seller refuse to send me the item i won in the auction?

    ok. this makes me very angry. on ebay auction i won a lot of electronic accessories, which are, 2 sandisk memory cards, 2 head set adapters and a bluetooth dongle. and the listing said that the winning bidder would get a picture card and flash card. i won the auction for $3.30. i know its not much but the fact is that i did win for that amount. this was on july 2nd. here it is 7 days later and i have not received it, so i sent an email to the seller and this is his reply...... (hello sorry for the incovenience but i have offered the item to a second chance winner. lets take the necessary actions to return your payment.) now during this whole week he has never contacted me at all to even inform me that he was not going to give it to me and has made no attempt to even refund my money until i finally emailed asking where is my item. now how can he do this. if a seller does not want to sell for what the item goes for then they should not be aloud to start a bid any lower that what they are willing to take. i dont care about the money, its the whole idea of it. what can you do to prevent people from doing this? i have already filed paypal dispute, but i want to stop him from being aloud to do this. buying on ebay is suppose to be like a binding contract. can he do this for no reason. he didnt even bother to say why in the email so i assume it because he wanted more money for the items.
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    A 2nd chance offer would be lower than your bid, he's not honoring his contract. Get your $$ refunded then report him as a non performing seller, if he's done this before he may loose his account. Nothing more you can do as ebay can't force him to ship items.
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    Other Answers

    • Since you won the item he was obligated to deliver it, but there is nothing you can do to force him to deliver it. Just give him a negative review and file a complaint with ebay. He violated ebays rules. ebay might close his account. Wait until you get your refund.

      by Howard L - 11 hours ago

    • You need to contact E-bay

      by knowitall - 11 hours ago

    • file a suit in paypal.

      by DDrum - 11 hours ago

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