What are the advantages & disadvantages of private & public sector?

Which is now significant for India?

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I've had a bit of work experience in both sectors, although I'm still young, and pretty new to the workforce. Hopefully my limited advice will help.

Advantages of the private sector:

-More opportunities for promotion as the company grows
-These jobs tend to pay higher
-More prestige, and the private sector is supposedly more efficient
-Less bureaucracy

Disadvantages of the private sector:

-Less job security
-Very competitive atmosphere, high pressure environment
-Workers' rights are sometimes infringed upon
-Fewer benefits than the public sector

Advantages of the public sector:

-Job security, it's often difficult to get fired
-Generous benefits
-More relaxed atmosphere

Disadvantages of the public sector:

-Fewer positions available
-Lower pay
-Less flexibility

See the link below for another comparison. Good luck.


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