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    How to break up a union?

    Hi, I am currently an employee at a store and I want to get rid of the union at my store. The ownership is good and the employers treat the staff well. Could u please tell me what the steps are to breaking a union?
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    The entire staff would have to vote on going non union. Get a people to sign a sheet asking for a vote on it. If your union is doing anything for you most people might prefer to stay a union shop so vote against you. The union people will be upset with you.
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    • Have you ever considered that the staff are treated well cause the union exsists at your store? If the staff are treated well surely the union doesnt get envolved much? What would happen if your employers were to sell out tommorrow and the new owners were terrible and pressured people not to re-join? It may be a pain to pay subs but my advice would be to hang on to it, relationships change, nothing ever stays the same!

      by Yabbadabbadoo - 19 hours ago

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