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    Do i need a permit to have a bake sale?

    Ok some friends and i are trying to raise money to goto this convention, and we want to have a bake sale. We live in Arizona, an as far as i know bake sales are not banned here, but i cannot find a law saying we cant have a bake sale. It would be like a yard sale, at someones house, we know businesses wont let us, and same with our school. Anyone who can help thank you very much!
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    some municipalities require a permit for any sale, this keeps ppl from growing from a garage sale to an actual retail outlet. If there is a charge it is low, and you are generally allowed to have like 6 or so garage/yard sales per year per address. If you don't do the permit you might get a ticket, and have to close down your sale. Calling your local town/city hall will answer this.
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    • no, not unless you are going to sell many many baked goods like a business

      by John K - 16 hours ago

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