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    What is a legal way to hand out fliers?
    I am starting a small business (well, it's not really a business, because it's owned by what most people would call a "teen", but you know) where I am baking pastries and other desserts (it makes more sense on the flier) for people and delivering them to their door. I will be transporting by bike. I know I can't put them in people's mailboxes already. I would go to the post office and have them mail it out to everyone in the zip code, but not everyone in my zip code is biking distance. I don't want to ring people's doorbells and disturb them, either. What is a way I could give them out and advertise my "business"?
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    School newsletters are a good way to get your message out there into the general community. Call your local schools to find out what they charge, normally it's not much. Also talk to anyone/everyone you know about your new venture. Do you have any shops or offices in your area - visit them with your flyer & have some pastries with you to sell. People at work will always buy a treat, especially if they look really good. And leave them with a flyer so they can order from you.
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    • If you put out flyers and someone turns you in the legal ramifications are huge. You need licenses and permits to sell homemade food items. Including having your kitchen inspected by the board of health. Please check with your town's clerk

      by ? - 14 hours ago

    • A business is a business. If you incorporate yourself etc. you are as much a business as General Motors except you aren't bankrupt. Make a flyer explaining what you do. "Custom Cookies, Cakes & Treats" etc. and tape it on the doors at eye level. Use masking tape so it pulls off easy and doesn't leave a mess. Have a pic of yourself on the flyer with you desserts and a contact number. Get a relative that lives in another state to send you an order. THAT will put you under the protection of the Interstate Commerce Act and give you legal protection for passing out flyers. Have a friend check on zoning laws and legal requirements for city inspections, etc. You can get away doing it locally but if it catches on there is a lot you need to know. Start wearing hair nets. LOL. Report back and let us know how it goes. 8~)

      by thesongfairy - 14 hours ago

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    • Since you don't want to bother them stick it on their door or you can stick it under their windshield wipers. ( The thing that wipes away rain form your car xD)

      by crazyaznsk8t3r - 14 hours ago

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