What's a good name for babysitting service?

My friend and I are starting a babysitting service. She really wants a job, and we're both pretty good with kids. I told her I would make fliers to put around town, but we can't think of a name. Our names are Heather and Ana. and we call ourselves fishy sisters, 'cause i'm sposta be a flying fish, and she's a dolphin. but we don't want a lame name. Any Ideas?

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kiddy care, babysitting buddies?

i think it matters less what you call yourself, and more what your flier says. id simply say that you're two responsible friends who love kids and work well together. if you want a chance to get out of the house, go out to dinner, etc you can count on you two, give us a call, etc.

hope that helps, and good luck! it sounds like a great idea, and babysitting can be really fun, especially if you're doing it with a friend. just be really careful about what you do and say, kids repeat everything!

5 years ago

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Babysitters Club

by Austin g - 5 years ago will find you someone to sit for immediately!,good luck!

by shiasgurl - 5 years ago

Heathen Ana Earth. Honestly, that's the first thing that popped into my mind.

A play on "Heaven and Earth" if you didn't get that.

by David - 5 years ago

Use your last name then put babysitting service or ''The [your last name] Service 4 yur baby

by ziggysb12 - 5 years ago

Sitter Sisters

by Andy E - 5 years ago

H-Ana Montana Baby Sitters

by akjdsgflu - 5 years ago

Heather and Ana Babysitting Service. Don't get hung up on the name. It is the quality of the service that you need to worry about.

by Scott - 5 years ago

i know this is not a name but i think you should write on your flier : Ana and heather now babysitting open on these days and hours then write you hours and days .
write that you are good whit kids and love baby's and that you will take good care with your kids .ask your mom to tell people and try to get a ad in the paper so people will know .and you should get people.

good luck.

names for baby sitting :
heathers and anas baby sittin coumunity or your last name baby sittin club

by Alyah T - 5 years ago

Just call it Heather and Ana Childcare.

by shiprepairwoman - 5 years ago