how do people make money from selling weed?

(EXAMPLE) Lets say i bought 10 grams for $60 sold that then made 100 well thats only $40 and you had to spend $60 to get that 40 so how does the system work?

ps im asking this because im bord as hell

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$100 on $60 is a 68% return.

So you now have $100 - a 68% return on that is $168

a 68% return on that is $282

so in two days you have turned $60 into $282.

If you buy bigger amounts, you get it cheaper and your return gets higher. (and so do you!)

5 years ago

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Growing it.

by Kitson - 5 years ago

Grow your own.

or buy from a "friend" for cheaper, and resell it at a higher price.

by Oleta b - 5 years ago

You steal or deal

by Oscar S - 5 years ago

Ever seen New Jack City?

by mistista07 - 5 years ago

your making profit. you spent $60 and you made an extra $40.

by mommy_vanzandt - 5 years ago

Why buy it for $60, when you can grow it on your own... and keep all the profit! I know of a place in the local forest where this stuff is growing wild. Hit me up, if you wanna know.

by Donad - 5 years ago

THEY DON'T !! most do it for the popularity !!

by KT - 5 years ago

I'd assume that most people who sell it grow it, then it's near free and it's a pretty plump profit.

How does anyone profit from anything? Same exact way.

So if bought weed for $240 and you made $400 you have a $160 profit.
If you make profit, you make a living.

by Miss Jinxy - 5 years ago

NO... you had to spend $60 to get that $100. Therefore you made $40. Which is a huge profit margin for any business.

Go back to economics class.

by Ryan D - 5 years ago

It works the same way as selling any other good for make back the $60 plus $40 in that example--thats a pretty good profit margin..but dont start selling weed--its illegal

by The truth be told - 5 years ago

they buy seeds from sketchy people, grow it in dodgy attics/basements/sheds and sell it to clients. its expensive because its illegal. they usually sell to kids and people who can't get they're hands on it. try hanging out in pubs/bars because that's where you can build up your clientell.

by MM92 - 5 years ago

Because they grow it themselves or the buy in bulk and get a cheaper price or they know someone.

Wow 10 grams for $60! Let me know your dealer! :)

by ReadySetGo! - 5 years ago

It's supply and demand.. raise your rates! LOL

by this is my nickname - 5 years ago

If you sell enough than your profits accumulate. It's like buying cigarettes. The store actually only makes a small profit, but several small profits add up to one big one. PLus everyones supplier has different prices. Unless you are the supplier, then you make wayyyy more :D

by - 5 years ago

Add parsley to make less more. ;)

by Jewels - 5 years ago

well your example is small time street supplier i guess but if at that rate you sell 100grams a day thats $400 a day so then you make money.

it works the same as any business, you buy a product, add a mark up and sell it on.. the more you sell the more your turnover is.

by lydanial - 5 years ago

Dont smoke it, and just sell it. Or get a job like me.

by joker - 5 years ago

If you are selling the seed,the buy with lower price and then sell with higher price.

If you are farmer,then grow it.


by vincent b - 5 years ago

first of all grow your own make it high quality then people will be like hey and then sell it in bags or get with your local mafioso or cartel or gang and try to be scarface own your island and then in 10 yrs be expecting to go down but do it with a pistol

by jj - 5 years ago

you buy in bulk, the larger the quantity you buy, the more weed you get for a cheaper price, then you sell it in smaller quantities which in turn allows you to turn a profit. when you gain profit plus the original amount that you put you started out with you can start buying larger quantities which will let you gain more profit as well. it's kind of like costco.

by william f - 5 years ago

If you don't grow it then you go to another guy how will sells weed at a discounted rate, which you're pretty accurate with the whole 40% profit thing but no one buys weed in grams, that's coke. It's ounces. An ounce sells for about 100 dollars on the street if it's weak weed but 40 dollars a night really isn't bad for just sitting around.

by India, yes like the country - 5 years ago

You need to have a connection you can buy large quantities for a discounted price, or grow your own.

You do not buy 10 grams just to sell it. You buy pounds. Sell them for the normal sacks $5/$10/$50 etc. you make a decent profit. There is a bigger profit in chronic than there is in the cheap shit.

by cabo wabo - 5 years ago

Think about what you just said. If you SPEND $60, and you get $100, your profit is $40, but you still have that $60, because you made it back. Then you spend the $100, and maybe you can make $150, etc.

I don't know why you say weed specifically, because that is the basic principle of ALL sales. Buy at a price, and sell at a HIGHER price.

by Tony R - 5 years ago

NOOOOO You are all wrong.
What you do is, buy the 10g for $60 (good deal by the way)
Then you smoke a gramme to make sure its ok, go to the shop, spend $10 on munchies and smoothies, then smoke another g just to remind yourself how damn good this last batch of weed is, then call your friends, see if they want to buy some, and when they come round, you have a few more with them. Then, you go to bed, wake up in the morning, spend an hour trying to find it, because your sure you left it on the table, and start calling your friends all the names under the sun for stealing it. then you find it down the side of the sofa, and remember what a great night it was. But now you only have 2g left. So you make another spliff, then wonder how you are going to make $60 off 1.7g, decide it's not possible, so spend the rest of the day smoking and eating doritos.
And that, my friend, is the answer to life ;^)
10 points please.

by spliffy04 - 5 years ago

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