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    ive used bathroom and kitchen scales. checked on postage guides. yet im still undercharging on postage when the item is finally weighed at the post office.
    3 hours ago 18 Answers

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    You can get a postal scale at one of the larger office supply chains. Other than that, always round up. Another problem might be that the calibrations of your household scales are out of whack. Try weighing a few items that have their weights printed on the packages and see if your scales tell the same story.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • When I was selling on eBay, I used a kitchen scale for larger items and a weight watchers scale for the smaller items. To test the accuracy of the scales, occasionally I'd set a full box or bag of sugar on them and see if the weights were right. Of course, everything was weighed in their shipping box along with the amount of packing material I'd anticipate using. This would get me as close as possible to the shipping weight. So, here's the rub; on kitchen scales, the higher the weight the more "off" it will be. For things over 20 pounds, I'd add a few extra pounds to "make sure". For things between 25-50# weighed on the bathroom scale, I added 5 pounds just to be safe. I'd base the shipping cost by adding the weight plus the safety margin plus insurance.

      by Jeanbug - 4 hours ago

    • This Site Might Help You. RE: HOW DO OTHER EBAY USERS WEIGH THEIR ITEMS? ive used bathroom and kitchen scales. checked on postage guides. yet im still undercharging on postage when the item is finally weighed at the post office.

      by Samuela - 4 hours ago

    • --->> Tips---> https://trimurl.im/e12/how-do-other-ebay-users-weigh-their-items

      by Jolene - 4 hours ago

    • When you are about to put the postage and package cost there is a button which says estimate weight. Click on that and it will bring out options. You choose from there and it will tell you the charge that parcel force or royal mail will charge.

      by Rebecca S - 4 hours ago

    • You should packaged the item before weighting it, packaging materials will add weight. Also add a little bit more to household scales as they aren't as accurate as post office scales.

      by spring_rainbows - 4 hours ago

    • Isn't that annoying! You can get a Franking Machine and it weighs and gives the correct amount of postage. Pitney Bowes gives you a free 30 day period. Do you find that when you ask for extra postage only International buyers give you the extra.

      by Andrew M - 4 hours ago

    • The problem is the postage guides. The most accurate one's are on the Royal Mail website and they have not been updated for over three years (i had the same problem so asked and thats what i was told). In the end i had to take everything to the post office and get it weighed. So definetly look up other people's postage cost. You could always overcharge. A happy customer that gets a small rebate on postage is a much happier customer.

      by Humza - 4 hours ago

    • Make sure you weight all of it including the packaging.

      by Paul S - 4 hours ago

    • You have to pack it all up, as you would to send it. And then take it to your nearest post office, they will weigh it for you. It depends on the size of the package how much it costs. And where you want to send it. (if it's over seas) It will cost allot more. They will tell you the price. You don't have to know where you want to send it to get it weighed though. Hope this helped. (:

      by MidgetGems - 4 hours ago

    • pack it up and everything, take it to the post office, ask how much it *would be*

      by *Nikki* - 4 hours ago

    • If you have the time i wrap all the items after ive photographed them take them down to the post office and weight them there and i also get a quote for each item to different states, they usually have a sheet of postage prices. Either that or if its a small item say under 1-2kg depending the size of your scales at home you can just use them

      by inochi87@rocketmail.com - 4 hours ago

    • They get a big scale or just weigh it at the post office.

      by Neverender - 4 hours ago

    • You need to buy a mailing/shipping scale. You can find them from the post office or at any office supply store.

      by lostinsidemyself - 4 hours ago

    • if you use paypal, you can just put in an approximate amount on the site and you can print the shipping label right from home. Use this website to calculate the rates: http://www.usps.com/tools/calculatepostage/welcome.htm Hope that helped!!

      by cam968 - 4 hours ago

    • Maybe you are on to something here and the PO uses dodgy scales that charge too much???? Ask them what to do and why their scales are different to yours? If all else fails always add a little weight just to be on the safe side.

      by nekochi666 - 4 hours ago

    • Instead of buying one of those expensive postal scales you can get a regular old kitchen scale from Publix...I keep meaning to get one myself.

      by Anna - 4 hours ago

    • look at other items the same or simliar on ebay and get a rough guide by the amount they are saying :)

      by Lily S - 4 hours ago

    • i just guess why not double what it says on your scales?

      by southamptongirl - 4 hours ago

    • Pack it in the box or package as you would when you send it. If your using a bathroom or kitchen scale - which can be off, add a lb or 1/2 lb just to be above, not under. Or, take the package to the post office if close by and get a accurate weight.

      by Doz - 4 hours ago

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