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    How old do you have to be to work at target?

    See I am going to be 16 in september. There is a target right by my school and I was wondering how old I would have to be to work there. I end my last class at 1:20 so maybe I could work there from like 1:45 to 5:45 or something. Please help because I really need this money for my classes and books lol
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    It depends on your state. You also can't work pass certain hours or more than a certain number of hours per week. These are state laws so you would to check on that. You will need working papers, which in my state (NJ) can be obtained from your high school. They will need to be filled out too. Otherwise I would say 16 is definitely old enough unless they have a store policy. That might vary store to store.
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    • It depends on the state. Most states it is 16. In California most of the stores are starting to sell alcohol and they require new employees to be 18. My daughter was the last one to be hired at her store under 18, shortly after they changed the requirement to 18.

      by Tim - 5 hours ago

    • 16 or older. my sister works there and she is 17.

      by Collins Marie - 5 hours ago

    • you have to be at least 17....

      by chengerda - 5 hours ago

    • hi! me too. i wanted to work at target, so i asked someone that worked there. they told me at least 17 going on 18. bummer. lol. but that was last year so i don't know if its still the same thing or not:]]

      by Laila :) - 5 hours ago

    • i think you have to be 16 and older!?

      by nellyurock - 5 hours ago

    • i think thats an okay age. i would say 16-18 is good.

      by Meow - 5 hours ago

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