MASSAGE THERAPISTS!!! I want to work at an airport doing onsite chair massage.?

Hello. This is mainly for massage therapists but any with good suggestions may answer. Well, I am going to be starting my own business with massage thereapy. Each day, I plan on working at Norfolk International Airport here in Virgina (Not too far from Virginia Beach, VA) but I don't know whom I should contect to see what I need to work there. I would just set up at different terminals each day from like 9am-1pm and do the massages for $15 for 15min or $30 for 30min plus tips if they wish. Who do I contact to get the green light to be able to make this thing into a reality? Also, if known, what would be the cost to operate this? Okay, thanks again for all of your help.

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right what you need to do is simple,you will need to speak to one of the supervisors to see if you would be able to get a staff pass so you would be able to stay in the airport,it would cost a bit to start of with....once you get all the equipment and stuff,but it won't be that much.

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Amb D.S

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the airport


by dagyaldeh - 6 years ago

I guess the only thing you can do is go to the airport and ask to speak to a manager, or set up an appt.

by Jamie - 6 years ago

not a good idea, if you injure someone expecially from another country it be bad, the airports wont allow the risk pr liability to its guests.

by Rock question - 6 years ago

You need to contact the airport directly to find out who arranges their leasing agreements. But I think it is VERY unlikely they will let you set up in the terminals - particularly with heightened security issues. You would most likely need to lease a store in the commecial area of the airport like the other vendors.

by PiggiePants - 6 years ago