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    Small Business


    What small business make the most money?

    3 months ago 6 Answers

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    I know a few people who make money online. Not sure what your refering to not being able to make money"online", but there is a lot of different ways to make money online. Ebay, website distribution, surveys (although you don't make a lot of money, and it's not a sufficent amount of income, but you can make some change and get prizes). So I'd have to disagree with you on they being all scams. Regardless of how much you make, if you make even a very small amount, you still made money. But if it's not enough to support your family, then it's not a sufficient amount. It still can't be considered a scam. Now to answer your question, my opinion for the best business to start up is the most economical way that gives you the same income opportunity as a traditional store front business, but costs less money to start, less overhead, and easier to run. that is a home based business. Their are plenty of different options to go through on home based business. Many different industries to take a look at. I've had my own home based business that well supports our family and is also a major funding source for non-profit organizations. We do online selling as well as direct person to person selling with the worlds largest Telecommunications service provider. We offer services that people use every day and pay for anyway, but at a lower cost now. Services such as local and long distance telephone services for residential and businesses, Internet (dial up and DSL), VOIP, digital, video phones as well as cell phones and plans through all the major wireless providers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Alltel, Nextell, T-mobile etc. A lot of money to be made in this industry. How many people do you know, or do you know of around the world, that uses one or more of these services? You make a percentage off these services every single month they pay their bills simply from helping them one time before, saving them money and making money at the same time. It's a world wide industry and you can pretty much do it anywhere and it's very simple to do. It also makes you feel great when you saved someone 70% on a service that they already have, or were able to offer them a cell phone cheaper then anyone and put them on a plan that makes them happy. This isn't the only type of home based business either. There are tons of different things that consist of products and services. You just need to find the one that best suites you. If you'd like some more ideas, I've created a blog on home based businesses on my 360 page. Things from the health industry (vitamins, supplements energy drinks etc), candle industry, kitchen, travel, child daycare centers etc etc etc. There are over half a dozen different businesses to look at. You can either start a business on your own (which costs an arm and a leg) or partner up with a corporation that is already well established and make the same amount of income as you would starting your own business and not have the over head costs and headaches to deal with. Your more then welcome to take a look at the blog for a few ideas. Tiffany
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Mobile apps I guess since the trend is fast shaking up the whole world.

      by Dave - 19 hours ago

    • Hi, A work colleague told me about this one thing on the net which is about to really take off kind alike Facebook did with nearly 20,000 people joining everyday in the uk. It works like this: You go through the referral link and sign up (takes about 2 mins and no personal details e.g. bank numbers are needed) What that does is it gives you your own web page with 1000+ links to website’s such as Amazon, Play, EBay etc etc. When ever you go to buy anything of the net you simply clink the shop’s link of your own webpage and shop and checkout as you normally would. This is where it gets good because every thing you buy you get a % of the commission put back into your account on the webpage. Now this is where it gets really interesting because if your friends sign up via your link they get a % commission but you get a % of that as well Remember you are not scamming your friends by doing this because the commission is all shared out equally upon the members so everyone is receiving free money. The good news is that this company is quite new and the share profits and you will be top of the ladder before it takes off. Click Here http://www.ei42.com/grichardz/ to see my shop and to find out more (Click the "Find Out More" link at the Top Right of the page) This has been talked about on the national press scene by many top journalist. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, have a look because I have investigated it myself and it seems like this is the sort off thing I was looking for.

      by grichardz - 19 hours ago

    • You could always make good money online for completion of paid surveys. Several sites offer very good pay for completion of online surveys. I hope the following page provides very optimistic information in this regard. http://www.jobfindcareer.com/Top-Online-paid-Surveys.htm All the best. Cheers! Source: http://www.jobfindcareer.com

      by Issac - 19 hours ago

    • Hello, Making money through paid surveys is considered to be one of the easiest ways to make money online. There will be paid as well as free sites, and choosing... http://tinyurl.com/2zp4p5

      by Barbie - 19 hours ago

    • I work at home as a referring travel agent and I do make money and it is a career. I organize group cruises, excursions, getaways etc. Its easy to do and easy to make money, you can make as much as you want since it is commission based. So look into the travel industry, everyone loves to travel.

      by Sarah - 19 hours ago

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      by Max M - 19 hours ago

    • The ones that aren't scams actually require work on your part - and if you're in need of money soon then you're likely to be sorely disappointed in any of those as well. Most of the legitimate opportunities out there take time to build - so if someone makes an outrageous claim of income it probably isn't true ( and those that are true sure didn't make that kind of money when they first began ). http://stockdummy.blogspot.com/ Effort is required from your part , so dont take my word for granted and just follow those business tips on my site. Also you can sign up in this search engine and search for the money... http://www.mysearchfundsindia.com/apply001.asp?Friend=1030 and search using this search engine to earn money.

      by Jermone J - 19 hours ago

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