What is the job description for Women's Dream Team company? They only say you work at home...?

I went online looking for ideas to work at home and came across the Woman's Dream Team. They called and would not give me a description of the job but instead invited me to sit in a web conference. Sounds fishy. Is it?

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Women's dream team is a team who works for Melaleuca. And no, they are not going to tell you anything until they get you to the presentation. Been there, done that... NOt with their particular team though. Just do some research on the company. or email me and I will give you some more information.

It's not a job, if that's what your looking for. It's a home based business opportunity.

6 years ago

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good luck!!!

by Uday - 6 years ago

It sounds a bit strange that they wouldn't tell you upfront what the job is. If you're still looking for other ideas, I'd love to share my business with you! I have a home based business as a consultant with Latasia jewelry and love it! The company has been in business for over 15 years and is a member of the DSA. The job is fun, easy and the money is great. I'm not sure what kind of interests you have but it may be an option for you to consider. I'd be happy to send you some info if you'd like and can help you get started for free. I don't want to to break any of the yahoo rules, so if you're intereseted in hearing more, my contact info is on my profile.
Good luck!
Kim :)

by evilqueenkimmie - 6 years ago