how can i sell my homemade jewelery online??

im only 12 so dont suggest ebay plz

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There is a site called Etsy where people buy and sell homemade jewelry. Their selling information page is here:

Unfortunately, you do need a credit card to pay the listing fees. But I don't think there is a way around needing a credit card, unless you just list your jewelry locally on, and people come to your house to pick up the items and pay cash.

6 years ago

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You can't you are too young. Get your parents to sell them on Ebay for you.

by sexybabe - 6 years ago!

by Tracy - 6 years ago

well i would suggest ebay but u said not 2 so sorry!

by Becky V - 6 years ago

I want to do that too. Go on Google and look up getting own web site and get a domain name. or yahoo here you pay i a certain amount of money a month to have your own site. (

by sparkle11971 - 6 years ago

Online, that's pretty much the only way I can think of.
You'll sell more if you do it in person.
There are plenty of Jewelery vendors in every state, and they usually have a fair somewhere.
Otherwise, make a website, and sell them off of there, and advertise the site by putting up posters, etc.

by Alex - 6 years ago

Craigs list

by dramaqueen585 - 6 years ago

on ebay i have a friend that does it that way

by Bonnie N - 6 years ago

I hate to say it, but Ebay is actually a really good choice, if you can get your parents to help you organize the buisness. The problems you face selling such items would be $-- Shipping-- order forms, etc.

Ebay is great because it actually has paypal, so that your customer feels secure in the transaction, and eleviates a lot of the paperwork on your part.

You will be responsible for shipping your jewelry to other places, sometimes out of country, so you will have to charge shipping or take the brunt of that expense.

One suggestion, if you are worried at all about the work involved in managing such a buisness, it doesn't hurt to try selling to a small craft store or at a craft fair, where YOU can sell your items and use your customer service skills. :) Good Luck!

by crimanetly - 6 years ago

Get your parents to sell them on ebay?

by Danny™ - 6 years ago

Could try

by sunshine - 6 years ago

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by stephanie - 6 years ago