Questions to ask an entrepreneur?

Hey... I have to conduct an interview with an entrepreneur and i need some good questions.. right now i have:

Why did start the business?
When did you start the business?

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It all depends on who the entrepreneur is, the focus of the interview, and what you want to learn about the entrepreneur. Questions for a home-based entrepreneur who started his/her business on a shoestring is different from questions for an entrepreneur who got VC financing for his venture.

But here are some basic questions you can ask:

- What inspired you to start this business?
- How and where did you get this idea for a business? What need did you see?
- If this business is similar to other businesses (e.g. clothing line), then how different is this business from the others? What makes this business stand out from the rest?
- How did you finance the business?
- How difficult was it to get investors? How did you find investors for your business?
- What are your marketing strategies for this business?
- How are you managing your time?
- What was the most difficult part of starting the business?
- What are your expectations for the future with regards to this business?
- What lessons do you give other entrepreneurs?

It really depends on what you want to know about the entrepreneur

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the best question is "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years etc. from now?"
What are the qualification to get where you are?

by Moondog2277 - 6 years ago