Does Herbalife work??

I am so intrigured by the Online Business System but does it really work for Herbalife?? How many leads do you really get from OBS?? Let me know guys it would be much appreciated !!

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"wrong" question. Ask about
the legal problems with MLM
or as experts call it,
mld, multi level distribution.

remember, any biz that
focuses on recruiting is commiting a felony!


6 years ago

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You can see this bloke does not think much of it.

Neither did a judge in Arizona, look at the Fallow and Herbalife case below

by Ken E - 6 years ago


by ms77301 - 6 years ago

I had better luck with other program. Check out You will find some great online job opportunities, money making ideas and free resources to help you get started.

by tons - 6 years ago

Any online business system is only as good as it's product. Herbalife is a company that experienced hyper-growth many years ago, I used to be involved with them. Nowadays, there is phenomenal competition in that line and most have better prices for more cutting edge products.
If you're intrigued by their online system, then I can show you some that are even better with products that are very much in demand. The system I speak of offers free leads as well.

by Mexico4me - 6 years ago