How much does it cost to start an upscale hip hop sneaker/clothing boutique?

Im in Indianapolis and I want to start an upscale hip hop sneaker/clothing boutique. Does anybody have an idea of how much this will cost and how I set up merchant accounts with a shoe or clothing company and also how to find these companies contact numbers. I know a lot about the culture and lifestyle and I think it would do very well the first one like this opened up a month ago and is doing great. Im thinking it will probably take about $20,000.

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Go to and download the Excel template for estimating start up costs.

6 years ago

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I don't know how much setting up a shop will cost you. But i you are really serious, i think you should create a web site for your store as this will help you expand you business and get you more sales. drop me a line at if you are interested in setting up a site. i can help you out with that.

by padapapa - 6 years ago