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    Suspended ebay account-how to open up a new one without it being trackable??

    I am an ebay powerseller. I sell many namebrand clothing. Ebay has many times given me account violatoins for "unauthorized item" or "copyright infringement". My items are authentic and authorized but they will not listen to me. After the first violation, they have seemed to "flag" my account and give me violations for every possible thing they can think of. I am about to be suspended I think. I am working on opening up a new account but know they use software to find out people who do this. So far, I have opened up a new bank account in a different state (its just over the river) to register with ebay, and I went to the library to open up the new ebay account and paypal account. I have my name on the new ebay and paypal account, but a different state address. I also opened a new email account with yahoo to use too from the library. My question is , can I now come home and log into my new accounts with ebay and paypal from my computer without them tracing it? Any help?
    a few seconds ago 9 Answers

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    tough sh** its people like you who give genuine ebayers a bad name
    a few seconds ago

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    • It may not be eBay that's after you -- but a VERO member, probably one of the "name brand clothing" that you are selling. VERO members such as Burberry, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Kate Spade, Donna Karan and many more http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/vero-aboutme.html can simply send to eBay a list of auctions that they think violate their copyrights and trademarks, and eBay removes those listings FAST. You seem to be really determined to open a new account -- and if you're a powerseller that is perfectly understandable. You may be able to get a new account, but chances are great that these VERO members that did not like you selling their items will probably close your listings again. And again. So it will be a never ending cycle of VERO members closing down your account, you opening a new account, and then they close your account again, etc. Try to find new products to sell - one that will not get your account closed

      by imisidro - 13 hours ago

    • people like this are why i don't use ebay anymore....

      by Football girl - 13 hours ago

    • You don't have to be "authorized" to sell squat. If you're going to sell this stuff, you need to spend your time learning your rights and how to fight back instead of trying to get around eBay, who has every right to kick you off if you're apparently selling counterfeit knock-offs. Unless you stand up for yourself, you're doomed before you start. Learn about the "First Sale Doctrine", the Lanham Act, filing a DMCA counter-notice, and start posting a redacted copy of your receipt in your listings.

      by unclejoeadamson - 13 hours ago

    • all it takes is one person to report you for anything and ebay's kneejerk reaction is to suspend you

      by rwa000 - 13 hours ago

    • you pretty much answered half your question your self, "I sell many namebrand clothing" brand names dont want you selling their clothes! thats copyright infringment, secondly they are probably already tracking your IP, change it :P dont know how? google it

      by unique_name_01 - 13 hours ago

    • Ebay is not that high tech. you can open multiple accounts Just need a new paypal and credit card.

      by Fuzzybutt - 13 hours ago

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