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    What's a good T-Shirt business name?

    I'm trying to make my own little T-Shirt company business but I'm having trouble with the name. Ideas would be great. Here's a list that I have but I don't know which to choose. The logo is a cute yellow punk-ish star in the middle with an X somewhere and those cute little Japanese expression. It's sort of like pop art. My Tees are focused on cute japanese culture that's unisex. So a cute-sy little name would be WONDERFUL! Akino Couture Hello Akino Dead on Impact Apparel Von Le Akino Originating From The Akino Deoxyribonucleic Acid Akino Sugar Sprinkled Lies Apparel Dearly Akino Sincerely Akino Akino Style Astro*Akino Are You Dead? ABCDFAKINO
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    Best Answer

    Here is a totally different approach to selecting a name for your T-Shirt company that can involve your best friends and be fun at the same time. Try this link: http://www.ychange.com/ychangeblog/?p=78... and follow the suggestions. Good Luck
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    Other Answers

    • First of all, focus on your product. You can have a cutesy name and not produce quality...businesses die quickly with that strategy. I would suggest developing a line and hire the shirts out to be made professionally if you are not into investing in thousands of dollars in equipment. That said, pick a name that people can easily say (pronounce), spell (in case they google or yahoo you). I like Sincerely Akino, personally. Good luck to you www.go4shirts.com

      by go green shirts - 15 hours ago

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