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    i'm considering selling avon~ is it worth the effort?

    can anyone give me some information on selling avon. i'm wondering about the start up cost and how you go about getting started. im a stay at home mom, i homeschool our kids, and i'm just looking to make a little contribution to my families income. is it worth the effort? thanks, amy
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    I know 2 people that sold Avon and they both had very different experiences. One did it for several years at my old job. She sold a lot, but said it was too much work for what she made. There were so many people who promises to pay on payday, then wouldn't & she always had problems with that. The other girl I know did SOOOOOO well and made so much money she opened an Avon store in a local strip mall and is doing pretty good. So it's different for everyone, but for most, it's not worth it.
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    • For the little bit of money you make back, it really wasn't worth it in my opinion. Avon had tons of fees that were imposed and always came out of your cut, and I NEVER had an order that was accurate. Every single order was wrong or had something missing. To me it just wasn't worth the headache.

      by vadagirl - 17 hours ago

    • Ok here is the thing, I have sold Avon and Mary Kay. The start up for Avon is very cheap, yes. And I sold at least $2k a month. But, I never saw any money from it. Now I sell Mary Kay. The start up was a bit more for it but it was well worth it. Because when I sell $2k my profits come right off the top which is around 50%. So if you want to do something to take up some of your time and make a little extra money, I would suggest Mary Kay over Avon. If you would like more information contact me.

      by bmitchellmk - 17 hours ago

    • I sell herbalife from home and its a lot like Avon. My mothers best friend is selling it but she is not making to much at it. You have to look at what you are marketing out because avon is more geared towards women and not the men or children. I really recommend that you sell something in the wellness industry because it is becoming what the .com age used to be. Herbalife is on its way to doing 5 billion a year and I am doing really well at it now. You have a upline and a down line with great training. My mothers friend is also thinking about selling herbalife also because it has products that all ages can use and you are able to have returning customers every month. Now you do need some start up money but you make it back in the first two months or so. If your interested to just learn about it you can get a free dvd at www.starturhomebiz.net and I and my mentor will give you a call to see if this is something that you would want to do and qualify for. Oh the free dvd has a shipping cost of 9.95. I really think if you want to start your own business this is the way to go becease the diet and healthy industtry is booming because there is such a demand now for health supplements. I actually have more people than I can handle right now and I am going to have to quit my full time job soon. I really think you should just check this out before you try avon. Hope this helps and again the website is www.starturhomebiz.net. any questions email me at jzalesky@mydiet4u.com

      by jzalesky@att.net - 17 hours ago

    • I do not have first hand experience I do know a few people that like it however they don't make much money. My Mary Kay Sales Director sold it for years before she came to Mary Kay and she was never able to make much money. There are so many direct sales companies out there these day is it that you are looking ot sell from a catalog? Some other also offer that option so i would say think consumable products for reorder business and find one you personally like and would by that is what sells the most when you believe in the product you tell people about it just like when you read a good book or see a good movie.

      by SandraD - 17 hours ago

    • I lost so much time and money with avon, it was a nightmare. I tried many businesses before that too, but avon burned me out bad. In order for it to work you cannot deliver to a single person. I chased so many people around for little 5 and 10 dollar orders two and tree times. I ended up with so much product in my garage I had to end up selling it for a dollar on ebay. I gave up for years and vowed never to search work at home opps again until I had to do something about it because my husband went over seas. I didn't know there was a way out there to earn a steady monthly income WITHOUT SELLING. So I checked it out and have never been happier. I found the company that benefits my kids as well since I homeschool too and I will be with them for a lifetime! Jennifer

      by Jennifer - 17 hours ago

    • I dont think it is worth it. You dont really make that much money. I know several people who have tried this & it just doesnt get them anywhere. You may make $20 a week. Thats notthing really. http://www.avon.com if you are really interested.

      by americangurl_28 - 17 hours ago

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