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    I could really use like $100 extra dollars a week. What are some simple ways to do this?

    I dont have any time between Mon-Thurs due to my full time job. Ive thought about getting a part time job, but more then likely it would mean minimum wage, scheduling and IRS stuff. I just want simples things I could do at my leisure to earn some extra spending money. Ive sold a ton of stuff on ebay and have pretty much run out of things to sell. Maybe I could mow some lawns or something. I dont really want to invest a lot of my own money into anything though. Dang, this is starting to sound like a stupid question now, cuz theres no such thing as easy money, right ??? lol. But any ideas would be great!!
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    Since you mentioned mowing lawns, here's an idea that wouldn't take as much energy. Don't get grossed out, I knew a kid who made a lot of money doing this. No one likes cleaning up their yard after their dog has been there. You could become the neighborhood "pooper scooper." All you'd need is some plastic bags (free from the grocery store), a bucket or small trash can, a garden or sand shovel (from the dollar store) and maybe some rubber gloves and/or a mask. You wouldn't have to do every yard every day, and it would only take a few minutes per yard after work. Depending on where you live and how big the dog is, I'll bet you could get ten or twenty dollars a yard per week. Find five or ten people who want this service and you've got your extra $100.
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    • Hi, You can do this any time you want for as long as you want. It took a lot of researching and testing sites out, but I have been able to find some really good ones. I made over $2,000 last month, and all of these sites are free to join. Please see my profile for more information. Thanks, and have a great day.

      by R D - 2 hours ago

    • I have a couple kids so I wanted to work from home. I researched a lot of home-based businesses and dicovered that The Pampered Chef is the best (they sell high quality kitchen products and low prices... it sells itself... everyone loves it) Anyways, its $155 to start and that gets you $500 worth of products, materials to do your shows, a computer program that helps you to organize your shows, website access, etc... I work as little as 12 hours a week and make a minimum of $400 a month ( I could make more if I worked more). You are never required to purchase anything else (in fact you can earn free product every month) and you only have to do $200 worth of sales every two months ( I do that in one show...) Its fun and easy... for more info check out my website www.pamperedchef.biz/jamiedaggett

      by 2pampered - 2 hours ago

    • One way to get Approx. $100 per week is to get a Sunday morning paper route. I had one and it didn't interfer with my present employer. It's normally tax free income and will only take about 3 hours of your time. On Christmas you really make out from tips.

      by Const. King - 2 hours ago

    • I'm not sure what kind of resources you have available or how old you are, but right now scrap steel junk is about $85 - $110 per ton in the area I live in in Central Illinois. Maybe if you have a scrapyard nearby, you could haul in some junk that you find. Good luck!!

      by Wheels - 2 hours ago

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