what is the best products to sell offline?

I decide to run my business in a city within 2 month, the problem is, I have no idea what kind of products?

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7 years ago - 7 answers

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Always food, everybody needs to eat...

7 years ago

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my cuz started selling those glow stick things you snap, yeh and people went mad. at concerts you can sell one for lyk $10, people love em.

by Holly Dolly - 7 years ago

Sell somethings what have not high price. You will have more products sold and that means more income.

by AK-47 - 7 years ago

It all depends on your target audience. Just like Holly Dolly said about the glow sticks at concerts. The target was rocksters!! Find your target and work around them!

by C's Wifey - 7 years ago

TRAVEL! 82% of the people who travel book it online. Travel is a $7 trillion industry and growing. There is a company called YTB that is growing into the largest online travel company. Check out my website, view the presentation, and give me a call. It will take about 4 minutes. The number is on the website. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Good luck and I look forward to your call.


by MICHAEL M - 7 years ago

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by U B - 7 years ago

have you ever thought about Mary Kay? Its the best selling brand for almost 13 years now. If your interested contact me.

by dmr0468 - 7 years ago