What are the the best ways of selling a few items online (besides eBay)?

I like selling things online, but eBay just seems a little cluttered for a small trader. Are there any other popular sites out there for selling things (even if they're just classified one's)?. I know that Yahoo Auctions has closed down and that used to be another option - is it possible to sell things through Yahoo answers or any other Yahoo site too?. I'd be very grateful for any help with this! :)

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You could try
They are running a special offer for ex yahoo auction members, which has been extended until the end of the month. Free yahoo feedback importing & free eBid Platinum membership.


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by Ronin - 7 years ago

You can post some items on Amazon, you can either receive credit towards other purchase or you can have them electronically credit your checking or savings account.


by Jessica L - 7 years ago