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    I want to start my own buisness but have no start $ and bad credit. How do I find investers to back me?

    I want to be my own boss and support my family. I am interested in retail, private security and personal protection and possibly property purchase and flip buisness. I dont have that leg up to get started and probably never will. Want information on possible investors to help me get started. I also want to be contacted if anyone is intersted in Personal Protective Services. I will accept any and all input and appreciate it very much!
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    There are three ways you can raise the money. I want you to check out the information I am going to give you. This is going to be very valuable for you! The first thing is get in contact with Michael Chong at Small Business Administration. 415-744-6820 They are own by the government, so you don't have worry if they with BBB. Check out Vfinance.com. They will introduce you two types of people to fine. 1. Company investors and 2. Angel investors. They have millions of dollars waiting to invest. Good luck. God Bless
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    • You answer your own question when you say "I don't have that leg up to get started and probably never will." What a defeatist attitude. Who would be interested in investing their money with someone anticipating failure. Your attitude has to change first then anything can happen, but its up to you not others.

      by loudflyer - 8 hours ago

    • Having bad credit doesn't say much for your business skills. I'd work really hard on getting your credit restored which will really prove something to potential investors, before you trying to get an investment. If you have experience in personal protective services then that might be a good place to start. What is your experience in that area and what is your military service history? You're not just some schmo without skills or training, are you?

      by Oh Boy! - 8 hours ago

    • no investor will touch you as you have bad credit. if you can't manage your own finances, how are you going to manage the business finances and make that investor money? you are high risk to them. best bet is lower the dream level and start small. even if this means doing it on the side around your normal job and growing it over time. I started my business that way. Very very tiny and now its up, running and been going for 10 yrs.

      by Nunoyvgvna Awi - 8 hours ago

    • Start at the US Small Business Administration website below. They have retired business people "SCORE" who will consult with you and help you form a plan to put into action etc. Any investor will want to know specifically what you have that is better and more profitable than someone else doing the same or similar thing you are doing. The reason they are investors is because they are very astute business people and want to make money wherever they would invest money. Stop advertising the fact that you have bad credit and no money. Start taking action doing things that will improve your credit and get you more money. What you focus on expands.

      by cwald888 - 8 hours ago

    • why would a person want to back you, what do you have to offer than someone else doesn't have? Having bad credit is not the way to win over investors or to even live for that matter.

      by Jo Blo - 8 hours ago

    • Make an online buisiness, put advertisement on it and start to get money. GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN U WILL NOT HAVE BAD CREDIT!!!!!!

      by Capital - 8 hours ago

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      by vilona - 8 hours ago

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