What is a good small business to invest in?

Let's say I have £5000. What would be a good small business idea to invest this money into? Something that would make me a good return or something that I can do as a full-time job and make a reasonable living out of? No internet businesses please! No muli-level either, please! Something reasonable! Thanking you.

7 years ago - 5 answers

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If there isn't a skateboard shop in your town, go for that. My friend opened one up and profited greatly from it. Some of the companys you might look into to buying from are Element, Flip, Independent, Tracker, Baker, Zero, and Girl.

7 years ago

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a breakfast van
delivering to firms around your area
sandwiches,rolls etc

by dick - 7 years ago

Look at some local car boots or market stalls. Look what you can sell. And go for it

by Zee99 - 7 years ago

i would suggest investing in something you know a little about and are interested in, that way you won't get conned out of your money if you know how things work! plus you'll be more committed if you are actually interested in it.

by Rebecca - 7 years ago

I am looking for investors in my media production company. It is currently very small but I'm looking for an injection in return for equity in order to grow it.

In general though, it should really be something you're interested in (so it holds your attention and inspires your ideas) and would help if you knew something about the industry (so you can make informed decisions).

Perhaps we could talk - I'm emailable.

by AlexChappel - 7 years ago