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    Whats the best time to sell things on ebay? Best day/time for auctions to end?

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    Hi – I sell on eBay. I profit about $3,500 a month and only work about 6 hours a day. eBay has been my full time job for 4 years and I have sold 12,000 items. Many books on eBay selling tell you what days and times to post your listings. In my experience, anything can sell at any time. Don’t overlook holidays. Think about it – not everyone is with family and friends on holidays. Businesses are closed and there is nothing to do. Some folks are at home alone, or at work with nothing to do, goofing around on the computer. They may surf over to eBay for a look. I sell just as much on Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving as I do on any other day. Some people are just plain addicted to eBay and will compulsively shop every day if given the chance. Provide items for them to buy! Please email me directly at elizabethwells815@yahoo.com if I can answer specific questions.
    a few seconds ago

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    • I find it better if an auction ends over weekend as more people likely to get bored and check ebay, i tend to let things end sunday evening so it gets exposure on friday evening, saturday and sunday. auctions ending during weekdays and especially during the day will have limited exposure and only appeal to single mums and me as i unemployed!

      by BUNGLE!! - 13 hours ago

    • anytime sunday is good... generally evenings but sometimes if u put something to end when people are normally at work(between 9-5) it will force them to put there highest bid in earlier than they would like, forcing the price up earlier.... so i the answer is, i guess, that u can never know who it is that wants ur item and when they are busy or not...!

      by Satch Boogie - 13 hours ago

    • Hi, Two times work best for me. Sunday evenings - so most people will have had a chance to view the listing and most folks will be in on a Sunday evening so they can watch the bidding and re-bid if required. Monday lunchtimes - people see the listing over the weekend and can't bid 'cause they're at work - so they enter a strong bid last thing Sunday evening or first thing monday morning and hope for the best. Hope it works for you too.

      by honey-B-gone! - 13 hours ago

    • Hi! I've just this minute posted a guitar for my husband on ebay! He was asking me what day is it best to finish it. My recommendation was late on a Sunday night. ALWAYS make sure your auction spans a weekend when there is lots more activity. You'll get far more 'watchers' too if it ends then. By ending it on a Sunday night, you get more chance of people who ARE 'watching' auctions actually making a bid during the last fifteen minutes. Hope this helps!! Best of luck!

      by Moofie's Mom - 13 hours ago

    • sunday evening always the best time to sell items for a 7 day listing to end sunday evening when most people in

      by jessibabe1 - 13 hours ago

    • Sunday evening 20.00

      by Gecko - 13 hours ago

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