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    Closing down self employed business?

    My partner wants to close down his self employed business, where can we find the information about the people he needs to contact about closing his business eg the tax man thanks
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    This requires a starting thought on making sure your info is correct. if he is registered with Companies House and has an accountant, then that is a COMPANY, not a business. Get the accdountant to deal with. Self employed people are 90% of the time Business; not registered as Companies. If it is a straightforward business, then that is fairly simple: Pay off the bills Finish any outstanding work Don't take further work on Close the bank account Advise HMRC about the closure Done
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • If he has been issued Tax Return form he needs to submit it to his tax office and on this form inform about closing business. If you will close self-employment over the phone or by letter, you might still need to sent Tax Return or you migh be asked to send it in the future, so the best idea is to close it with Tax Return. It has happen to me that I have been closing self-employment for 12 months with several letters sent to and from HMRC. And if you do not close it before 5th of April you will need to send Tax Return for the next year too!!! I have used accountant to get it sorted as HMRC kept sending me penalty notice.

      by yooppia - 18 hours ago

    • Does he have an accountant? If so he shoul know. If not contact HMRC they should be able to help as it depends on the type of company.

      by Mark J - 18 hours ago

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