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    how to create and start a perfume line?

    I have an idea to start a perfume line and I know it would sell big time. How do I go about getting my perfume made, and produced, and marketed? I have searched all over online and Ican't find anything I am looking for. I just want to go to a company , make my perfume, and go from there. I want to custom make my bottle too. Please email me and let me know.
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    Test the purfume on small children. Thats the first step. Make sure its not harmful to real people.
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    • For anyone who wants to start a small business, there are a host of professional small business advisors and services, which can be utilized for FREE. However, before you go to any of these resources, you will need to define your target market. For example, do you want to develop a women's perfume, or one for men? Deciding this will help you determine your market. Another good question to consider is whether or not you have already developed your own fragrance. If not, then you will need to do some research to find out how to do this. Perhaps you may even need some schooling. I used to take Cosmetology and there were some basic recipes for cosmetics listed in our textbook. I'm not sure about the modern day textbooks for this. The information is there. You just have to find it. And you have made a good start by appealing to the public via the internet. When you go to the professional business advice sources, you will need to have a fragrance in mind -- where to purchase the rights to a fragrance -- or pay a company to customize a fragrance for you. This is certainly to be very costly, though. If money is not problem, then this may be a good venture for you. In starting a small business, it is important to remember that most of them fail within the first 3-5 years. So, it is good to research small businesses, which have the least amount of risk and start-up cash, especially if you have never run a business. I greatly encourage you to keep your dream in mind for this perfume idea, but I advise you to research small business in general to find out what is the most practical investment for you and start there. I studied success and motivation for over ten years. And there are some basic keys: "1 - Start where you are with what you have right now...2 - Surround yourself with people who know how to do what you don't have the time or expertise to do...3 - Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you...4 - Help others become successful and you will become successful." The list goes on and on. Years ago I ran a small business, which made phenomenal success with an extremely short period of time until my doctors said I had to close down. The main factor I believed helped accelerate my success was a scripture I based it on. That scripture was Joshua 1:8. Even though this was talking about the Mosaic law and I don't believe I am subject to it, I applied the scripture to the rest of the scriptures of the bible. I put my God first. The results speak for themselves. One source of professional small advice is at your local community college or university. Contact the Small Business Center. There are free advisors there. They can help you put together a business plan, which is one of the first elements you are going to need to get further advice. They can also recommend other free resources for you. Go for your dream...wisely! And be blessed. Candle in the Window

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    • Hay! WHEN YOU GET the answer! Please share it with me! I have an idea of that sort as well!

      by Steve R - 10 hours ago

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