What happens if I put a UPS package in a USPS box?

Well I accidently placed a UPS package in a USPS box accidently. I called them right after to tell them of the situation and they said they would take care of it. It's been a week already and the receiver hasnt confirmed the package has been received. From Chicago, IL to LAREDO, Texas. If it was to return to sender, I still haven't gotten it yet. Does it takes this long?

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If they said they would take care of it I wouldn't panic just yet. Not only does it take a while in transit, but you also have to add possibly a couple days for them to get around to passing it off to UPS. After all, they're doing it as a favor to you, and it's not really their top priority.

I'm not really sure how UPS packages in drop boxes work. Do you have a tracking number that you can check online?

7 years ago

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dead letter office now has it

by no n - 7 years ago

ask long as the shipping label is correct you are fine

by NIKK F - 7 years ago

They will send it back or leave it at the post office as if it was abandoned.

by joyceeleann - 7 years ago

Do you have the UPS tracking number? If you do, try tracking it on the UPS site.

by Karen M - 7 years ago

they will send it back

by Tina C - 7 years ago

probably send it and ask

by BK - 7 years ago

If you put the correct postage on it and gave it to the correct carrier (by dropping it at a UPS site, etc.), it should be OK. And, yes, depending on HOW you shipped it (2nd day, regular, etc.), it can take a while. After all, it IS the Christmas season and LOTS of boxes are going out right now! Good luck!

by yahzmin - 7 years ago

i would call the post ofice again and ask. it might take a long time because since its holiday season the post offices are supposed to b backed up i've ordered something 2 weeks ago and its shipping from INDIANA and i live in CHICAGO i still havnt got it. I doubt it matter about the box if they said they'll take care of it.

by King_Almighty - 7 years ago

You have to remember that it is Christmas time and that a mailing mistake like that could set you back by two or three days , i would just wait this one out, if the USPS said that thy would take care of it then i am sure that thy have some procedures that thy follow when thy encounter these types of things. P.S. Merry Christmas!

by Mister E - 7 years ago

It will get back to you eventually. I did the same thing very recently. But I was fortunate enough to catch the mail man when he emptied it.

by Bob'sMyUncle - 7 years ago

If UPS said that they would take care of it then give them a few days. They are probabley very busy with the holiday shipping time & have a backlog of deliveries.

by California Guy - 7 years ago