I want to open a BPO. What are the essential requirements for it?

I would like to know about how I can set up a BPO. There are 2 basic types of outsourcing I am lookin at.
1. Sales Process
2. Financial and accounting Process
I would like to know the
1. Cost of opening the set up
2. The maintenance cost of a BPO
3. If there is any type of client directory where I can get these clients who want there work to be outsourced.
4. What are the legal formalities for starting and maintaining a BPO.
5. Whether we can get financial aids for this from Indian Banks or not.

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before open bpo u have to appoint the peoples who have the exp,s in bpo
dont go for sales process
take the project of a/c &taxation out sourcing
intial investment is nearly 5-8 lac
Thanku Anil

7 years ago

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First join in a BPO industry

by abcdefg - 7 years ago