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    Best Small Business Bank?

    Hello All, Can anyone recomend the best bank for starting a small business? I was going to use barclays but they all seem much of a muchness. Does anyone have good or bad experience of ay bank in particular? Regards Steve
    a few seconds ago 8 Answers

    Best Answer

    HSBC are good and they have better opening hours for deposits. Plus they are willing to advise more. I found Barclay's to pushy. Alliance and Leicester offer good rates but are really hands of and charge you if you don't deposit a certain amount with them each month. My best advice is go with the bank who you feel are the most supportive and friendly after all if your business is sucessful (and hopefully it will be) your going to be seeing a lot of them.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I use Barclays, and have found the service to excellent, plus I can organise things with Barclays to provide you with Sage accoounting software for £1.00 per month, this is normally £25.00+ per month, give me a ring 07984-235701

      by ste73 - 9 hours ago

    • I use Royal Bank of Scotland and I'm finding them good. They give you a year free of charges for new businesses and transferring from another. They showed me a chart comparing charges (after the year free) and they are slightly cheaper than other banks.

      by gymcoach81 - 9 hours ago

    • the world's topmost banks offering low interest loans.it's useful to you hope.visit http://www.freewebs.com/getyourloan

      by gentleman - 9 hours ago

    • I have been with Nat West bank, and their commercial section is very good as a whole. Depending on your relationship with the business manager, you may find one who is very helpful and on the other hand you may find one who is inflexible. Don't forget to negotiate the bank charges and overdraft facility if it was offered.

      by gordonmother - 9 hours ago

    • My boyfriend and I own a small business. We have used a big huge chain bank and smaller community bank that only has four locations in our area. Whenever we dealt with the the larger bank it was very impersonal. It just felt cold. Also whenever we had a problem it was like jumping through hoops to get something done or people won't call us back. We are currently with our small community bank and couldn't be happier. They all know us by name and face. It is very nice to go there. They are very nice and they go the extra distance to help us if we have a question or a problem. A couple even use our services. I say find a smaller bank instead of one of those chain ones. The bigger ones are so impersonal I'd rather be friendly with the people who are handling my money.

      by butterflykisses427 - 9 hours ago

    • I'm with the Royal Bank of Scotland for my business account. Never had a problem with them.

      by Dark Horse - 9 hours ago

    • Entrepreneur.com has a study on the best banks for small businesses. They have lists of best banks state by state http://www.entrepreneur.com/bestbanks/index.html

      by imisidro - 9 hours ago

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