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    can I put an envelope with a meter postage in a regular mail box? Does metered postage on an evelope expire?

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    On several meters you can actually leave the date off, this however should be limited to pre addressed return envelopes. These wouldn't need to be placed in a special box. There are thousands of cities without a special drop box for metered mail. So, I don't think it is a requirement, but metered mail is usually faster so if you're concerned about your days outstanding on your invoices I would use a metered mail drop box if it is available. To answer your second question if there is a date it does expire. The reason for this is first class mail is time sensitive, you might notice that most of the metered mail you recieve is not cancelled, the dated metered mail cancels itself. If you are sending out standard mail, the postmaster probably won't care if it is a day or two late, but it is his call.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Metered postage...... mmmmm......

      by Kristina S - 7 hours ago

    • Yes, look closely there is a date in the circle.

      by October - 7 hours ago

    • Yes to both. In fact, the metered stuff has a date as to when the postage is good and if you don't put it in the mail that day, the post-person will return it to you. If you continue to do it, your meter permit will be revoked and you can be fined. They are very anal at the post office. Perhaps that is why they always go postal. Good question!!

      by roritr2005 - 7 hours ago

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