When sending a FAX, do you include the cover sheet with the number of pages?

Example: You are sending a document that has 3 pages - do you indicate 3 or 4 (3 pages + cover sheet) pages being sent?

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Yes. 4 (including cover sheet)

8 years ago

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Yes, usually. Total number of pages being sent.

by angelbaby - 8 years ago

Typically, yes, but it's up to you.
You can use:
"Pages: 3, including cover"


"Pages: 2, excluding cover"

I think including the cover is more common, because people want to ensure they've received all pages.

by Girl360 - 8 years ago

Our cover sheets here at work specifically say "Number of pages (including cover sheet) ____" just to avoid confusion.

by hirsutemustelid - 8 years ago

Not necessarily. Only if:
1. goes to a place who don't know us
2. has special instructions on it.
The best way to deal with this (and I devised it in 1990 when the fax started) to include your address tel# etc... include the other party address and name on top of your letter. This way you waist less paper and time.

by - 8 years ago

Usually say "1+XXX"being XX the numer of pages excluding the cover.

by pharmaeng - 8 years ago

On the cover sheet I put, 4 pages and in brackets i say "incl cover page."

by raywithcomputrols - 8 years ago

Mention it as "No. of Pages : 4 (including cover sheet)"

by premsebastianantony - 8 years ago